Subzi Mandi


Subzi Mandi started its first store in Garland, Texas in 2003. The store was open with the dream of dream of creating a one-stop grocery store for the South Asian community. The vision was to create a store that carries all the products that carries quality international grocery items, including fresh vegetables, fruits, flour, rice, spices, pickles, grains, frozen products, and beverages.

A unique aspect of Subzi Mandi Garland was the presence of small businesses inside the store. The idea behind the introduction of the businesses was mainly to provide extra services to the customers visiting the store. These small businesses included insurance agent office, beauty salon, Indian boutique, a vegetarian restaurant, and an entertainment store.

The community warmly welcomed the idea, and in a very short time Subzi Mandi gained the status of being the only full-size Desi store that carries all the leading Indian and Pakistani grocery brands.

Subzi Mandi is ready to serve you with quality products, fresh produce, competitive prices, largest collection of Indian and Pakistani brands, and excellent customer service, under the new management. The new management of Subzi Mandi has more than 20 years of managing, running, and launching Indian-Pakistani grocery stores around the USA. The new management is looking forward to see you for your next grocery-shopping trip and provide you an excellent customer service.